Monday, March 8, 2010

Defined by My Bag

You know how people say they can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their shoes?  Well, I think that you can tell more about that person by their bag and the contents contained.  Let me just show you by using myself as an example.

My Bag's Exterior:  Simple. Usually cotton or linen. Pretty enough to buy and use but not eye grabbing or trendy in any way. Plain. Sturdy. Mostly practical with a few embellishments. On the bigger side. And a little scuffed on the edges.

My Exterior: Simple (I don't think I even own anything fancy). Although I am not made of cotton I do wear it more than anything else. I must have been pretty enough to marry and keep but I don't think I have been "looked at" by anyone but my sweet husband since...and I don't mind. I don't even understand what trendy really is or means.  I wear a lot of t-shirts and jeans and I have since I was...well...small and kid like. I'm plain but most people like my hair.  I think it's time efficient.  I consider myself to be sturdy and strong. I don't have jewelry because I lose it or break it...although I do have a pair or silver tiny hoop earrings that never leave my ears.  As much as I hope to one day be tiny and frail I do have "big bones" and Popeye calves which I have come to accept and even love because I got them from my dad and I love my dad!  Finally I too am also a little scuffed on the edges because I have kids, I like dirt and sidewalk chalk is the greatest invention ever!

My Bag's Content Right Now: IPod and head phones, water bottle, toy cars, scraps of current fabric projects, Ducklin (Sadie's stuffed love right now), Personal Progress book, flashlight, crumbs, a book called "What Dad's Can't Do," bloomers (diaper cover for baby girls), toothbrush, big bag of wipies, crayons, more crumbs, Sadie's jacket, a bird toy, two kid snack containers, my wallet and phone should be in here, scriptures, camera, a paper towel, more crumbs, an old handout from church, 3 diapers, a coloring book, stickers, pen and a small journal.

Me: I love to exercise as long as I am hydrated and kick'n it to my favorite tunes.  I love my kids...especially when they are happy and content while I am out.  I am always looking for something to match something when it comes to sewing and quilt making.  I think I love Ducklin as much as both my kids do.  I find things that are worn and loved to be sweet and story like.  I am the personal progress leader in my ward so carrying this around helps me stay focused on that. I would like to think that I put the flashlight in my bag to be prepared and ready for anything but that's not me.  That's my boy Payton.  The crumbs must just symbolize the way I feel about cleaning.  No matter how much I do it or how often I keep things up...there will always be something more to do.  My new motto is not to clean to keep it that way but to clean so that it doesn't get to bad.  Crumbs are not bad...they are just there like laundry and dishes...always there.  The book...we'll just leave it as that. I don't always carry this book.  That would be weird.  I do find it funny that today it's in there and in this post and that it just reminded me how much I miss my traveling husband.  The boomers are like the hoodies I put on right before I have to answer the door first thing in the morning to hide my breakfast covered shirt.  It's there to hide from the world what's real and sort of yucky.  The toothbrush is the only thing that keeps Sadie happy sometimes...and I live for these things.  I am forgetful.  I have good intentions. I usually remember the things that aren't important so important things like keys and wallets are often replaced around here.  I like the idea of capturing memories with photos but I normally forget the camera is even in my bag.  I like enjoying the moment and thinking I'll write about them later, but I never do.  That's sad.  The journal is in there just in case I like what I see or I need to write down an idea I get.  Living here in the Seattle area makes for some pretty fun day trips and for some excellent window shopping.  If I wasn't super forgetful then I wouldn't need this.  Although I do forget the pen most of the time.

The last thing I almost forgot to mention is that at the beginning of the week this bag is usually organized and well thought out but within a few hours it's basically chaos.  So it is like my house, my thoughts, my creations, my life.  That's okay though.  I have everything I could ever need. 

What's your bag like?

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  1. My bag is made of vinyl. I like the look of the sleek leather bag, but am too cheap to buy one. Since I'm in need of a new bag, I still have paint spots on it from our remodel. I have a lot of the same stuff in my bag but mine's not one huge pocket. It's 3 big sections, which I love because it's semi-organized, although Taylor can never find anything in it. I can usually find what I'm looking for. And I don't have many crumbs, mostly just sand. For some reason, kids like to dump sand in my bag when we're at the beach. Then sand ends up on everything and I'm constantly wiping pacifiers with the dirty burp rags that tend to stay in my bag until I need one and somehow they're not there anymore. And, of course, I also have diapers and wipes.