Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Go For It!

I know for a lot of people party planning, especially for kids, can be stressful and crazy and sometimes expensive but it can also be pretty fun. I think the key to enjoying yourself is to simplify where necessary, make it great enough to remember and have fun being creative.

I really love to plan a good party...sometimes even more then enjoying the actual event.  I think it's fun to come up with a theme and with colors and doing it all in secret.  I get excited when I come across the perfect idea.  I will admit that sometimes I can take on too much in a super short amount of time.  I am the queen of thinking up a great idea one or two nights before and having to execute it under a time crunch.  I don't recommend that for most situations but I did have one party for my little man that seemed to go off perfectly under the circumstances.   I rallied my troops (which in this case were my cute friends) and we made it work.  

(I love how exciting the unwrapping of presents ritual is to these cuties).

The Age: The big deal 4
The Guests: 12 really cute rowdy buddies
The Theme: Lightning McQueen the Famous Race Car
The Place: Our house

Because I love the look of handmade things and I wanted to be able to use the decorations over and over again I completely ignored the easy quick premade "Cars" party decorations and made my way to the fabric store.  I bought all kinds of classic black white and red fabric and made a bunch of these fun birthday buntings . These are an easy project and are great for any holiday or birthday.  You don't have to throw it away at the end of the night and it will last you for forever.  I also bought some black and white checkered looking fabric for a table cloth and some to make some racing flags.  I had to work and sew quickly.  I still had 15 card board boxes to spray paint red and get all of the fun stations ready to go (face-painting/car detailing, ballon popping, speed racing, pinnate in the garage rigging) plus a cake endevor that I couldn't just not try...this part scared me the most.  Like I said...I was glad to have my friends there to help. I really couldn't have pulled it off without them.

The few days before were crazy and stressful and I'm sure I neglected my family a little but after a really long fun night with two of my favorite girls and buckets of red frosting we were ready to start Payton's engine. 
The kids arrived, we did everything we planned and the party was a success.  I had a very happy little boy and now we have some great memories of his 4th birthday.  

I think every crazy moment can be worth it if you make it enjoyable for yourself.  I would hope that every overly ambitious mommy has awesome friends like me and I believe that going all out can sometimes make you realize how much you can actually do.  That doesn't mean taking the easy road builds less character I'm just saying that going for it every once in a while can be eye opening and surprising! They are only going to be 4 once.  Plus you might discover you love it, like I did.  

Enjoy and I Hope You Get Inspired! 

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  1. I recently planned and executed a Ladybug Party for my 3 year old. I loved the planning and I too, took on a couple last minute projects. I think I enjoyed making the day special almost as much as the birthday girl enjoyed the party.