Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby, Break the Chains of Love

I love paper chains. Oh, how I love paper chains! So when I saw this tutorial on how to make them from fabric, of course I had to make some. And we've made this thankful jar/paper chain idea a holiday tradition.

Our Family Home Evening lesson tonight is based on a mashup of what my kids learned in their Primary and Nursery lessons yesterday: Because I Chose to Follow Jesus Christ, I Will Love Others. As I was putting it together, I came across this:

Image from

And I could feel little explosions going off in my brain and I thought: What a perfect excuse for a paper chain! So I cut out some strips of colored paper, and put them in a jar ...

and every night from now until Valentine's Day, we'll each take a strip of paper and write something we love about someone else in our family. We'll make the chain as we go, so we can see how much it grows every day!


  1. How funny that I read this today! Last night (3:30 am to be exact) I woke up with a great idea to use in my primary (I'm primary pres. in my ward). I decided that every week during the month of Feb. the kids would write down acts of love that they did during the week on paper strips and we could see how long our chain could grow. By the end of the month, I hope to have a very long visual representation of all the loving acts that were done by our primary kids that month.
    I do share your love of paper chains! Especially when they are meaningful!
    I love your idea of writing down what you love about eachother. Maybe I'll try that one with my family!