Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Weekly Game I Play

No, it is not the Lotto, but it is similar, without as much gambling. I am a weekly ad junky. I love Tuesday's. That is when I get the ad's in the mail, unless there is a holiday like this week, so I got them on Wednesday. I love a good bargain. I love saving money. It allows me to splurge every once in a while on the things I want either for me, the house, the kids, the Hubbie, etc.

Here are a few things I am excited about this week.

80/20 Ground Beef for $0.99/lb
on Saturday and Sunday they have Goldfish Crackers for $0.88 (that is the steal of the week)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for 1.88/lb
Green Bell Peppers $0.69/each

Rite Aid (not a grocery store I know, but I could not resist)
Mott's Applesauce, 24 oz, $0.99/jar

OK, so I know this is not a huge list, but these are the best deals regardless if you use coupons. Now, I use coupons as well, and there are other deals, but that is a whole different topic and there are blogs devoted to it, so I am not going to even go there right now. If you are terrified of the coupon thing or it is just not for you, and even if you are using coupons, here are some tips on saving money while shopping the ads.

1) Read the front and back first. Those are the loss leaders. The ones that they are using to just get you into the store and there profit is slim to none. Usually the best deals are on the front and back.

2) Circle what you are interested in with a bold pen or marker so you remember what you were going to get when you come back to your ads.

3) If you are just starting, get a notebook. In that notebook write all your staples that you use regularly or even your splurges. Every week write down the cost so you learn what the lowest price is. Like meat for example. I don't buy meat unless it is under $1.88/lb.

4) Don't be afraid to go to multiple stores. Some things are cheaper at others while others are more expensive.

5) Make a list before you go that has the item, item size if listed and the price listed on it so you know you are getting the right product.

6) Enjoy yourself. It is not something to stress about.

I grew up going to the grocery store with my dad. It was something we did together. I did not go on many dates in high school. I can count them on one hand. So as my friends were on dates, I spent Friday evenings on a date with my dad at the grocery store. It started out as a Saturday morning thing as a kid. I loved it. That time spent with him has taught me countless things about saving money, couponing, and budgeting. So enjoy it, and enjoy it with your kids. I know it can be hard. I have 2 of my own and it is not always pleasant. But learn the tricks of the store. For instance Fred Meyers has free kid cookies as well as they have a supervised area for my three year old so I can shop without her for an hour. It is great.

It really can be fun.


  1. Thanks for posting! How fun! I did a post similar, with my top six grocery shopping tips!
    Often times, my husband comes with me to the grocery store. I shop in peace while he hangs out across the street with the kids at the goodwill! Memories are being made!

  2. oops, here's the link if you wanted it!