Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

My Daughter is 3. When we moved into our new house she wanted a pink room. This is our very first house I will add, and she is 3. It is a color she is going to grow out of! I was not about to spend $25 on a can of pink paint at the store. So I will teach you all a wonderful trick about saving money on your paint.

Every store has a mistinted paint section. It is just a matter of finding it. Lowe's usually has it by the paint counter. Home Depot usually has it right outside of the door of the contractors entrance. It is also sometimes called as-is . Well, Lowe's as-is is where we found her paint. I was not looking for a specific pink. I knew what kinds I did not want, like bright/florescent pink. Just something softer. To paint her room, we spent 10 dollars on paint, one can of as-is pink, and one can of as-is green. It is not my favorite room in the house, but it was for my 3 year old, and she loves it. So if you are not looking for a specific color, check there. Most places will also color match if you need an additional can of the same color. We had to do that with our office paint. It was as-is too, grayish from Fred Meyer. We also used as-is in the kids bathroom. I can of Blue from Walmart. Yeah, our house needed/still needs some painting, and it is painting on the cheep! So go check them out! It can be a gold mine. And check regularly. Some weeks there is nothing and others there is tons! Good luck!

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  1. We used all mistinted paint for our playroom in Renton. I love only spending $5 instead of $25!