Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reader's Choice

Would you like to tell us what to write about?

When we created this blog, we knew we wanted to share the fun and meaningful parts of our lives, but we also knew that we would need to have some structure and direction for our posts. So we came up with a schedule of topics, or prompts--one per week--to help us each tap into the inspiration that keeps us writing.
Now we want to hear from you.
What topics would you like to hear about from us?
You may have been able to pick up on some of our topics so far...
rainy days
We all take a pretty different approach perspective for each topic, and it's fun to see how it inspires each of you.
So, leave a comment on this post to let us know what you'd like to hear about. Give us one, two, three--as many suggestions as you like.

Oh, and thanks for reading.


  1. You guys all seem really great at taking pictures. I would love some of your creative ideas for those. Another one of your talents (I am generalizing from what I know about you all) is that you are incredible entertainers (I am referring to a certain halloween party a few years back). I also really love the cleaning/organizing your life posts. Cooking yummy things or ways your organize menus/shopping are my personal favorites, and I seriously need decorating help. Maybe examples of service - including to husbands. Okay. That is my brainstorm list. I hope that is the right direction you are looking for. Keep posting. I love it!

  2. That's perfect Natalie! Just what we were looking for. I'll make sure all of the girls see this! Thanks!

  3. Yeah! These are all great ideas. I am already thinking of things to write for each one...