Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Games Without Frontiers*

Before we got married, Robert and I had already been living away from our parents for years. So we didn't really need anything in order to start our household together. Thus, when people asked us what we wanted, we said, "Games."

Seven and a half years later, here are some of our favorites to play as a family. (Royal Rescue is more of a one-person logic game, but it's definitely awesome. Especially when our 4-year-old daughter really gets into solving the puzzles - amazing to watch their little brains work!)

And here is one for the adults. Especially if you're a geek (which we are). But it's also fun if you're not!

How about you? What are your favorite games?

*Quick! Who sings that song? Bonus points if you can get it right without peeking!


  1. We love Settlers of Catan (all versions). Our youngest son would watch us play when he was 4 yrs and by the time he was five he was playing by himself and winning!! Not fair!!
    We also got Puerto Rico for Christmas and it is becoming our favorite fast.

  2. Buzz Word is a really fun game, especially if you have a chance to play husbands vs. wives. I also love Scattergories (gets me thinking a bit) and gosh, my mind is drawing a blank right now... but my favorite game is the one with the electronic device you pass around, give hints about the word you see and try to have it guessed before time runs out! Ahh! Why can't I think?!