Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Myself

I love the rain.  We moved to Washington so that I could jump in puddles.  Well not really, but that is one of the reasons we adore this place.  Something happened last week though and I think I may understand why a rainy day is usually associated with some negative feelings.

The plan was to take the idea of this cute print and turn it into something of my own...a little scrappy paper and fabric with some ribbon and maybe a little bit of embroidery... but ironically I found myself having to think about this quote just to get me through this dreary last week instead of getting to create what I had in my head and appreciating inspiration.

Nothing really bad happened...just a billion things didn't. I, no matter how hard I tried to switch my thoughts, couldn't do what I needed to do. My poor kids didn't get any fun rainy day activities and I didn't enjoy a good book or make anything fun. It was pathetic and totally my fault!

A toilet takes 5 minutes to clean and I opted out of that one for 6 days. I think I still have a wet load of laundry in the washer from 3 days ago which I will now have to rewash again just to get the stinkiness of wet out. I also have a week of being grumpy to my kids to make up for and the stickiest floor on earth to clean. I usually do pretty well when it rains but this time the drips just kept on coming  and I could feel myself slowly transforming into a lazy mess. And for those who know me best know that when I don't get things done during the day I tend to give myself a really hard time thus letting all that grouchy goodness spread to my family. I am not proud of last week. I will admit that.

So the plan for today is to really be grateful for this day no matter the rain or piles of makeup work I need to get done. I also hope to get to my project. That alone will help me get back to my normal self...but first the laundry.

* Wait!  I just noticed something...the sun is up now and the sky is blue!  Go figure!  Today will be easy!


  1. Glad to know that you, my amazing sister in law, that never seems to have any bad days, is a real person that struggles too :) I love you! Thanks for reminding me we are all human :)

  2. I saw something yesterday that I thought of you when I read this. It said something to the effect of Mend and move on. We all have days or weeks like that. I know I do. But thanks for reminding me that I'm not the only one who feels like this sometimes. :) Hope you have a great and productive day! LOVE YOU!!!

  3. so THAT'S what's been wrong with me! thanks for sharing--we are in the same boat.