Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Pink Day Dreams

I feel like I have been doing a lot of this lately...dreaming instead of doing.  I believe that it's partially my broken sewing machine's fault, partially my budget's fault and the rest is just because I have been so...well...careful with my time I guess.  I don't want to bore you with the details of that right now because today is about my day dreams!  Dreams for valentine's day prettiness, hopes of getting some of my Sadie's scrapbooking done and most importantly day dreaming about a future room I can't wait to make true. 


There...I vented and now I am back. Having a little girl makes for one awesome excuse to use pink.  If I wasn't so obsessed with blue lately and trying to please my pink hating husband I would paint our entire room pink (jk).  It's Sadie's room I can't stop thinking about and I can hardly stand it!  I get butterlies just thinking about it.  This can't be normal.  Anyway...Let me show you what's been floating around in my head, keeping me up at night. I know. I have issues.  Mark reminds me of this every time I end up on the computer late at night searching for that inspiration and motivation to create. 

First I saw this quilt...yum right?

I love these colors...all of them! I love the little scalloped details and the soft look it has to it.  So, I have started to collect fabrics that I thought would be perfect.  I have not found them all yet but I do have a pretty good start just staring back at me as I drool.  I really want to sew!

Here is some of my collection so far. Blues, greens, oranges, but mostly pinks! I was just drawn to the fun pink patterns.

I wanted to do her walls this pretty light aqua blue color with some sort of tree on one of them and then I found this picture and tutorial on how I could do it myself! Crazy huh? Isn't it so cute?  I sound like a teenager talking about an outfit but I really love this idea! 

  I can't wait to try this!  I think I'll add some little pink buds to the tree though.  Have any of you done this sort of thing before?

Then I created this play kitchen for Sadie which some of you have seen on my personal blog.  It has an old vintage feel to it and my hope is to carry on that feel throughout the room without making it feel grandmaish. I love how it turned out.

Today, when I saw this picture my mind began to race...

Wouldn't this be cute on curtains? Not the sweatshirt, of course, but the fun details: the ribbon and the embroidery and the vintage looking flowers. Yikes! I could go nuts thinking about this. I literally get more excited about ribbon and fabric and frilly fun things then I do on my own birthday or for Christmas morning. I might have more serious issues then I thought. Do they have obsessive creative therapy?

Well...that's enough for now. There is more...there always is but I will save it for another time. Pink just has a girly effect on people. It’s funny how this color has such a feminine connotation. I'm just happy I am a girl and I don't have to pretend I don't like it!

Oh!  And there will be a pretty pink chandelier hanging over head.


  1. Her room will look so cute when it's all finished. You probably already have it looking cute, but man, I love that tree idea and with that color of wall! Can you just come decorate my house someday?

  2. You are amazing Jenni. I wish I had a little of you in me. It's all just so cute!

  3. I want to do the same color and tree mural for Claire's room! When I saw it at Just a Girl I knew I wanted it. I have a sick feeling yours will be much cuter though, Jenni! :)

  4. I wish I had your abilities to think up something and then make it happen! I'm sure it's going to be so CUTE when you're done with it. I know that Sadie won't enjoy every detail that you're thinking of but she'll appreciate it down the road. The love that will go into that room will be what counts the most.
    What a great MOM you are!
    I love the website by the way. I'm an advid reader and I'll admit I even steal ideas.

  5. Oh! Stealing ideas is what this site is for! Steal away! I steal most of my ideas from other people too. Don't you love the internet?

  6. This post made me so excited for whem my girls share a room! Currently Ryan and Emily are sharing a room so we have to balance the girl and boy stuff and try to make them look good together. But when Allie's old enough to have a real bed we'll be switching things up. And now I'm SO EXCITED!

  7. I'm a sew-a-holic and am loving the colors for that quilt, and of course your kitchen. About the wall-I think it wouldn't be too hard as long as your walls aren't overly textured (like ours are). I wanted to do a tree in the kids room, but it would have been a joke keeping the lines remotely straight. I love the hoodie! It would be cute on curtains! Loving it girl!

  8. I completely understand the obsession with pink. I never really cared about it till Emily came in to my life and now I just have to have every in pink.

  9. i love it all! her room will look amazing!

  10. Okay Jenni...I JUST found your blog and I am wondering what I ever did without it! There are so many cute things on here!! I cannot wait to use some of them. Not to mention you have solved my V-Day gift dilemma! So glad I found this!! :) can you tell I'm excited??