Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Small Piece of My Heart

I love to make things. I really love to see the end result and to picture it's future. Everything I make I try to "classic" it. I try to choose fabrics or papers that will avoid being dated. I hope for anybody who owns something of mine to look at it fifty years down the road and still think it's their favorite. I want it to not only last forever but to have a story behind it. I want it to be loved and to be practical as well as beautiful. I want to fill my home with handcrafted treasures that tell my story and will go on with my children, my nieces and nephews and one day my grandchildren. This last season I kept this in mind as I made gifts and as I tried to give each one of them a small piece of my heart.

This quilt was one I made for my new baby niece Emily for her blessing day. I held her in it. I chose my very favorite fabrics so that later I could tell her the story behind each on and how I loved her and hugged her close to me on her blessing day. I smiled at her as she lay in my arms wrapped up in what I had created for her and thought about 22 years down the road when she would get to wrap her own baby girl in this same blanket.

For me it's difficult to part with something you have worked on for hours and hours. It's really hard to give away something you love. It just is... but the memories it will create and the stories it will one day tell will make every little stitch worth it.

Make something beautiful and then give a small piece of your heart to somebody special. You're heart will mend quickly and then get bigger! I promise!

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