Thursday, January 27, 2011

Use it!

We went to the library for Pajamarama Storytime on Tuesday. While we were there a friend of mine ended up being there too. Her daughter was checking out tons of books. chapter books, that she will read by next week. And when I say tons it is probably like 15 or so, and the girl was only 10. Seriously! It was amazing. From her I learned that the cap on books you can check out at one time is 100. 100! Seriously! I am not utilizing the library properly! My other friend had a good stack of books and movies too!

I wish my family would have used the library more growing up. I probably would not have struggled with reading as much. Who knows. I hated it as a kid. I still have a hard time starting a book now. (I have had Hunger Games sitting in my kitchen since Thanksgiving I think. Sorry Jenni!) There is just a bad taste in my mouth for reading. I was in special classes, tried hooked on phonics, etc. It was not fun. It can be fun I just have to get into it. I have blogged about some of my favorite books before, (Shannon Hale=Awesome!) but I still have a hard time. That is why we are trying to use the library in our family on a regular basis so that some day my kids will be the one hitting the checkout cap at the library. Someday you will see me with my kids checking out 100 books. I hope so at least!

So you, even if you don't like reading, use the library. If all else fails, you can check out a movie.

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