Monday, January 31, 2011


I just might have to do this tomorrow...

in honor of recycle week here on Praiseworthy. 

Plus I need a good excuse to find cute heart pans for valentine's day this year.

What projects are you wanting to do that reuses something not so great and turns it into something better than ever?  I have a billion.  I just wish I would have gotten to one today.  Oh well....some days come and go without our control.  There's always tomorrow...or ten years from now when my kids are away at school. 

Here are a few fun ideas I have come across: 

Turning all of Daddy's old shirts into dresses for your little girl.
Reusable snack bags for your cute kiddies
Egg Carton Flowers for a special teacher for Valentine's Day
The cutest sweater pants for a special little one

There are thousands of ideas online.  Jump on and let me know what you find.  I love stuff like this.



  1. I've been wanting to make some of those crayons. The hearts are so much cuter! I love the blog She has so many great recycled clothing ideas. I made the little girl's sweater dress for my 4-year old for Christmas and it was SO cute and easy!

  2. I thought these were SUPER cute and I'm thinking about giving them a shot! Amanda

  3. Some fun ideas! I am actually making little mickey and minnie heads out of melted down crayons for party favors for Zoey's birthday. :) I'll send you pictures. :)