Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Real Reason We Go to Story Time

My own bookworm.

I grew up in libraries. Really. We moved around a lot when I was little, and I remember some of the libraries we've lived near better than some of the houses we've lived in. Wherever we'd be, when my parents went looking for a place to live they always tried to find a house close to the church, the school, and the library. I never felt really settled in a place until I had my library card.

And so it's one of my favorite places to take my kids. I want them to feel the sense of endless possibility that comes when you're surrounded by books.

I'll take them to the library anytime and in any weather. But I've found that the best time for my kids at the library is story time. Is it because the librarian always reads the best books and does the voices and everything? No; actually, we've been to amazing story times and we've suffered through the most monotonous readers. Is it because I never have time to read to them at home? Heavens no! Reading is a staple at our house. Like pasta.

The best reason I have for taking my kids to story time at the library is this: There are a bunch of other kids there, too, and so I am much less likely to get glared at for my kid's noise by the other - child-free - library patrons. We can blend right in, even a mild tantrum will go barely noticed when it's story time (but if it's any other time, and one of the kids makes even a peep, well, we might as well just hang our heads in shame and go home).

I love the library. I love the peace I feel there, and the mostly friendly helpful people. And while my kids are small, and until they really learn to whisper in the library ...

I {Heart} Story Time!

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