Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling Down?

Today has been named the most miserable day of the year. This morning as I was trying to get in some exercise I saw that on the news they were talking about today being called Blue Monday? "According to psychologists, a combination of filthy weather, financial strains and shattered new year's resolutions has conspired to make today the most depressing day of the year." Do you believe this to be true?

At first I did my Jenni thing and just thought to myself..."Well, it's on the news. It must be true, right?" Then I got to thinking...

It makes sense that it could be considered the most depressing day of the year because of post Christmas financial issues and icky weather. Some of my new year's resolutions are just plain unreasonable now that I'm in the trenches of them but who decides these things? Does the media get to determine how I feel today? I'm actually feeling really great today and I think that it was my choice this morning. I did however do some research to see what the facts where and well, it bored me. I came up with nothing more then something about Europe and London being where it originated and companies where using it to get people to buy things....blah blah blah. I don't want to bore you and I was getting depressed just reading about it so I stopped and decided to make a list of things to do to keep myself out of this sort of rut. I know I'm not in "it" right now but I live in a pretty dreary winter state and I have had my days where I am down and I have no reason to be that way. Mine will hit this year and it will hit hard I'm sure so here is what I have come up with to keep me from having a "Blue Monday (or any other day for that matter).
  • Exercise
  • Be outside everyday for 20 minutes or more even if it's yucky out.
  • Sit in the sunshine (like right now when the sun peaked through the gray for a grand total of 4 seconds
  • Play happy music
  • Help others. That always makes me happy
  • Get dressed and put makeup on even if I'm not planning on going anywhere. (dress up counts)
  • Sing in the shower
  • Use a bright springtime umbrella when it's really coming down
  • Eat healthy
  • Make a new reasonable goal.
  • Organize a darker part of my house
  • Paint something to make it brighter
  • Hang out with friends
  • Clean up my yard
  • Make plans for spring planting
  • Go out on real dates with my cute husband
  • List my daily accomplishments (no matter how simple or ordinary)
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Get cozy with favorites (food, blanket, hubby, movie)
  • Open the blinds to my windows first thing in the morning
  • Dance when I feel like it
  • Find new recipes to try and fall in love with cooking again
  • Bake Fresh Bread
  • Go exploring in the city on a rainy day
  • Try something new
  • Teach somebody else something I'm good at
  • Revamp my family's budget
  • Count my blessings
There are so many more so I'm curious what you do when life starts to get you down?


  1. I'm totally feeling Blue Monday! I'm on track w/ my resolutions and don't feel stressed at all about Christmas spending. I think I'm just ready to see the sun again! Too bad the pineapple express didn't sent the sun along with the warmer weather! I think tomorrow should be "Sunny Tuesday." :)

    As for what I do when I get blue, I usually spend time wondering what's wrong with me and how I can make things better. Your list is a great help!

  2. I can see how today might seem blue to some but I have had the best day. I did service, visited friends, went to the beach, and played with my kids. I think living in sunny San Diego helps keep the blues away since I can get out of my house year round.

  3. Ironically, watching some morning show, they mentioned today is statistically the most depressing day of the year!

  4. When I am down, I like reading through my gratitude journal to remind me of all of my blessings and joys in life. Spending time with my husband always seems to help, whether it's talking through how I'm feeling or just enjoying one of our favorite tv shows together. Writing in my personal journal seems to help a lot, and even posting on my blog can lift my spirits. I also enjoy reading other uplifting blogs (like this one). Exercise helps too.