Monday, January 10, 2011

Frame It

For our topic of "frame it" this week I had high hopes to have ready an entire wall of newly framed pieces and instead of getting to work on that today I finally caved and put away my Christmas decorations.  Although daunting and sort of depressing it got me thinking of our recent holiday and reminded me of a fun gift/project I did with my son Payton for his grandparents. 

I had him draw them a special picture and after he was pleased with his work I transferred it onto a white piece of fabric where I then embroidered it and put it in a special frame.  Now it will last forever and they will see again and again how much he loves them.  He told me that it was his favorite gift to give and was definietly my favorite to make.  I wish I had a picture of his Grandma and Grandpa's finished product but you get the idea from his portrayal of his Gammie and Potts.    

Children's art should get to last forever and that's sometimes hard when you have to store or stash hundreds of papers in who knows how many places because you just can't get yourself to throw them away. This was a fun way to create something special and have it be displayed and preserved for as long as possible.

Do you have any fun ideas for displaying or saving your child's art?

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  1. Jenni - That turned out so cute. I love it! That is so special for them to have too. I will have to do this someday.