Thursday, January 13, 2011


(Imagine A picture of my family here.
I can't find one at the moment of just my siblings. Darn it!)

I grew up with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. There was bound to be fighting and breakage going on in the house. I mean, wait, we were the perfect children. We all sat down for dinner and loved every bite, we did our chores immediately when asked, we never talked back, seriously, we were perfect. Well, I was. I mean come on, little Cali, Number 5 of the 6. She could never do anything wrong. And I never did. I was always framed for it. Alright, I was not, and am not perfect, and I framed my siblings as well. It was never anything too bad, just the usual sibling stuff.

There was the one time where I called my mom a bad name because my brothers and sisters told me to do it and it was supposedly a nice word. Yeah, I had to wash my mouth out with soap for that one. That was the last time I trusted them. Well not really, I still trust them, but I can read and know how to use the dictionary now, so it is better.

There was the time my sister Tiffany fell down the stairs and broke her heal and she told my mom that my other sister Kacie pushed her. Kacie said her that she did not push Tiffany. So I guess Kacie was framed. (I am pretty sure Kacie has admitted the truth 15 years or so later. I am not sure though. She did push me and cause my wrist to be broken, so who knows. I do love her though. Really. We did not get along for a long time, and now we talk all the time. I love my sisters.)

We always cheated at card games. We always tried to frame each other for that as well. My Grandpa was the best at that though.

There were a few holes in the walls, I am sure there were broken dishes, candy stolen from moms secret stash that we were always trying to pin on each other, or the notorious empty Diet Coke Cans. Come on mom, don't you remember drinking that can? I bet it was Kacie! She is always drinking your Coke!

Seriously, we have all been framed at one point or another. Weather it be family, friends, your crazy neighbor, etc. It happens. I am just glad I can laugh about them.

What is the craziest, best, silliest, or aggravating thing you have been framed for? I would love to hear!

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