Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sugar, and spice, and everything nice.
That is what little girls are made of.
Growing up, that poem was hanging in my room. I never really thought much of it, except how unfair it was for the boys, who where made of Snips, and snails, and puppy dog tails. How sad. But then I became a mother and hope to be more like the silly poem.

Four years ago when I found out I was going to be a mother to a little girl I was a little overwhelmed. A girl! My sisters all had boys at the time and my sister in law has one girl, who is 5 years or so older then mine. In all today my parents have 11 grandsons and 3 grand daughters. Yeah a little outnumbered. It did make it exciting that there was finally going to be another girl for them.

But really, that is not why I was scared. I was a tomboyish girl growing up. I rarely wear makeup. I rarely cut my hair, I can barely do hair anyways. I am not a very frilly girl. I am getting better though having her. She has really changed my outlook on life. It is actually really fun having a girl. It is hard at times, but my son can be hard too. She can also be pretty tomboyish too so that helps.

She totally has her sugary moments. We both enjoy eating it and baking with it together, and you are what you eat. She loves to helps and do "acts of love" for her family. She can be very sweet.

She is totally full of spice. Man she is a little spitfire. I love that about her. she keeps you on your toes and can have you rolling on the floor laughing by the things she does and say because of that spice.

She really is full of everything nice. She makes friends with everyone, she has a hard time when she gets left out because she does not want to be pushy and force herself in. She also has great manners.

I really love my little girl. I am glad I have her in my life. As women, we all have our moments, but really, we are made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice. Some of us just have a little more spice.

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