Friday, July 9, 2010

Dining Out

This week, while our beloved Jenni is teaching violin at a music camp, we are excited to welcome our friend Jordan as a guest writer. She is a super crafty mom who lives in San Diego with her two beautiful daughters and her wonderfully talented husband. Here is what she had to share about what is for dinner...when you're on vacation! Thanks, Jordan!

What’s for dinner? This is one of my least favorite questions...unless I am on vacation. This week I happen to be on vacation in Leavenworth, WA and when it’s time for dinner, there are plenty of options. 
Our first dinner was at a charming restaurant called Pavz. There were only 6 tables in the whole place and the ambiance added to the yummy food. I had a savory crepe filled with black Forrest ham, Swiss and American cheese, crimini mushrooms, and an amazing creme sauce. The picture doesn’t do this masterpiece justice,  seriously this was the best crepe I have ever tasted and the strawberry lemonade topped it off perfectly.

The next dinner we had was at a Bavarian style pizza and hot dog place called Rudloof’s Pizza & Wunder Dogs. The pizza was good nothing amazing but we also tried the cheesy ranch bread which was quite tasty. My parents ordered the Kielbasa dogs and they were HUGE. I don’t want to know the calorie count in that meal...well any of the meals we ate actually. The paintings on the walls made this restaurant super cute and fun.

On our dinner adventures we also found the best mac n' cheese my kids have ever ordered, a yummy french dip, and a cute little bistro with an awesome name "Good Mood Food." 

Growing up our family had a rule about eating on vacation...we were not aloud to pick a restaurant that we had in our home town. I loved this rule and I still try to keep this up with my family now. It helps us discover new things and usually limits our fast food intake.
My all time favorite vacation restaurant is Bubba’s in Jackson Hole, WY they have super yummy Barbecue. So what are your favorite vacation dinners?

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