Monday, July 12, 2010

Beat the Heat!

Summer has finally come, here in Washington, and it is beautiful and exciting but entirely way too hot! The temperatures have been climbing up into the 90's and we are just not used to this around here! We are enjoying more walks to the park with scooters and tricycles at our house. With sunblock in good use and hair pulled back, we are finally getting that much-needed vitamin D while playing outside! However, I am doing everything I can to keep things cool inside...

My biggest cooling strategy is wind...natural and man-made, I love the wind! Most of us open the windows in the evening after the sun starts to go down to let the hot air out or the cool air in. You can use a fan both to push the hot air out of your house and to suck in the cooler fresh air. I do this both in the evening and in the early morning hours. 

However, opening all the windows may not be the best strategy. If your house sits where there is a strong breeze in any one direction, it might be better to only open the windows that will let that natural breeze go through your house. By being selective about the windows you open, you can create a natural flow of air that will cool things down faster than opening all the windows at once. 

Take a few minutes tonight to stand outside and determine the direction of airflow at your home. 
If it is going from east to west, only open the windows on those sides of your house. If it is blowing north and south, keep those windows open and shut up the windows on the east and west. Sometimes your home might not have windows on both the necessary sides. If this is the case, you can use windows or sliding glass doors on one adjacent side--just make sure the windows are only open on a total of two sides of the house. The natural flow of air can then be enhanced with one or two good fans strategically placed to push it through your rooms.

Enjoy the sunshine today, and enjoy a cool house tonight!

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