Monday, July 19, 2010

Things I've Learned From Sugar

This is Alice Ashton but everyone calls her Sugar.  We, along with some other amazing people just finished another successful Mountains and Strings music camp up in Idaho at the beautiful Harriman State Park.  The second week of this camp I got to room with her. I have only been away from this camp for just two days but I am missing my daily Sugar rush.  Here is what I learned watching my friend.

* Be real and true to yourself...people appreciate that.
* Learn how to sight read, you'll have more fun playing.
* Be a mother to every kid who comes into your life.
* Build a real relationship with every student you teach.

* Tough love works.
* Always have bubble gum in your pocket.
* Talk to kids in a way that will bring out their best stories.
* Smile at the ones you have to get after.
* Be silly in public.

* Become a four year old's best friend.
* Tease those you like
* Be open
* Look deeply into things that matter.
* Be a teacher outside of scheduled lesson time.
* Sit with and be friends with those that are not your age.
* Be there when it's important.
* Love your father and make sure he knows it.
* Take time to be alone.
* Pull pranks and jump out of the bushes at night.
* Let someone in.
*Joke around when things get tricky and dramatic.
* Bring out the best in those you influence.


* Let yourself become attached.


  1. What a great post about a truly great person! I loved this - and the pictures - amazing. I miss you and Sugar already! I learned so much from BOTH of you. Thanks for the experience. :)

    P.S. I love James' underwear hanging out in the last picture. As Sugar would say, "Classic!"

  2. Simply beautiful Jenny! Thank you. And thank you for all you do for Richard and KaraLyn. All the leaders, teachers, coaches mean so much to them. I will need to get to know Sugar hopefully next year. :)