Friday, July 16, 2010

Beat the Heat with a Frozen Treat

Here is another fabulous guest post from our friend Jordan...

On a hot summer day nothing is more soothing than a refreshing frozen treat. Since fresh fruit is so plentiful during the summer we make lots of smoothies which are perfect for cooling off on a hot day. If you want a creamier smoothie with a healthy kick try adding an avocado. If your kids are picky that’s ok the avocado isn’t detectable when mixed with lots of tasty fruit.

We also LOVE to eat frozen grapes. These are a quick and refreshing summer treat that are less messy than popsicles and ice cream and healthier too.

Another Frozen treat that our family enjoys are frozen Capri Suns. After these juice pouches are frozen we carefully cut a slit in the bottom and put the frozen goodness into a bowl. Then you grab a spoon and did in. Sometimes we let it thaw just a little so it becomes more of a slushy.

After you finish your yummy frozen treat you can recycle the package and make it into a pencil pouch. You can find the tutorial over at Skip to my Lou.

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If you own Popsicle molds summer is the perfect time to try new recipes. If you like fudgesicles try using chocolate pudding mix and milk to create your own chocolate treat. My girl’s favorite is apple juice popsicles.
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We are still on the hunt for some good Popsicle molds, I would really love some Tupperware Ice Tups but I think they have been discontinued. If you ever run across these at a garage sale grab them they are the best! Do any of you have Popsicle molds that you love? Or a favorite Popsicle recipe that you would like to share?

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  1. I just found tons of popsicle recipes at this link