Thursday, May 27, 2010

We love the Library!

I love the library, it's my favorite place.
Rows of books in every case.
Fat books, thin books,
From wall to wall.
If I read and read, I'll read them all.
So we have been doing children's books this week, but seriously, my list of favorites is very long! How do you choose! So instead of giving you a list, I want to promote using the library.

Growing up, my family did not use the library much, if at all. Seriously. Then I married a guy who loves to read, and who can't pass up free and wholesome family friendly activities. Well almost free, we pay our taxes so we may as well use the services we pay for. Our library system here in King County is AWESOME! There are story times by age group, free concerts for kids, adults, and families, free classes, etc. We love story time. Even if they only read a few stories, songs and rhymes one of the earliest forms of literacy. So seriously, look into your local library, where ever you are.

We go almost every Tuesday night here. My daughter knows that on the days she has "preschool" we go to the library. Last week she was so disappointed when I told her there was no story time due to the library gearing up for there summer programs. Even if there is no story time we go so my daughter can get three new books to check out. It is cheaper then buying them. Especially when it might look really cute, but be a bust in the end. It is a great way to preview books, CD's, movies, etc. We have found some awesome stories at the library. Some that we will be checking out again, or renewed till we could not renew any more. So I guess I do have a list after all, books we have found at the library that we loved.
"I'm Dirty"and "I Stink"
Kate McMullen
These books are just silly.


Scott E Franson

There are no words, just pictures so you make your own story. It is one we will probably buy someday.

"What if instead of an umbrella you had an UN-brella? Imagine that when this unbrella was opened it suddenly made the world around you change in exciting ways. Open up this book to find out how one little girl’s unbrella changes her world." The Foggy Foggy Forest

Nick Sharratt

"What can this be in the foggy, foggy forest?" That's the question on every spread of this clever book, each depicting the black-and-white silhouette of a fairy-tale figure or scene. Readers may take a guess and turn the page to see if they’re right — the answering image appears in full color (often sporting a funny twist). A unicorn playing a horn? An ogre doing yoga? They're just two of the characters lurking in The Foggy, Foggy Forest, a clear winner for curious kids."

So I encourage you all to find your local library and see what they have. They are AWESOME!

Here is the link to ours


  1. I also love the library! It's so soothing to sit in the quiet and just meander among the books!

  2. That Un Brella book was written by a prof here at BYU-I! It was in the art display here for awhile. It really is a cute one!

  3. We're reading I Stink and I'm Dirty right now, in fact. Seth can tell you everything that's in the garbage truck from A to Z!