Monday, May 17, 2010

To Be a Girl and To Have a Girl

If you have a girl or if you love being a girl then your hair probably plays a pretty big role in your life.  It somehow is the one thing that can make us feel pretty or make us feel well...less then pretty.  The time that can be spent on it is endless and the fact that it needs to be done everyday can be daunting sometimes.  So let's see if we can spice it up this week!  Throw in a flower or a headband or even a scarf and see if it brightens your outlook on your day.  I am not much of an accessory girl myself but I think, in honor of hair week here on Praiseworthy, I might try to add something fun and see if I change my mind.  Why not right? 

Will you do it with me?
Oh,and  let's doll up our little girls too. They're not going to let us do this forever so let's be sure to do it now.  Because my little munchkin doesn't have a whole lot of these luscious locks on her sweet little head I tend to make sure people know that she is a girl by adding something everyday.  Here are a few tutorials I love.  Make something special for you or your bug this week and see how easy and fun it is.  It's spring...the perfect time to let your style bloom.

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