Monday, May 17, 2010

To 'Poo or Not to 'Poo

That's my hair in December, about halfway in on my "no-'poo" experiment.
(I'm trying to put pomade in my son's hair for our annual family photo shoot. In case you were wondering.)

I sort of can't believe I'm about to announce this to the world ... but for six months, from last October until recently, I did not use shampoo on my hair.

Not that I didn't wash my hair, I just didn't do it with store-bought shampoo.

When I first heard of the anti-shampoo movement over at Simple Mom, my curiosity was definitely piqued, eventually enough to try it myself. And I have to say, the whole experience was surprisingly ... normal. About once a week, I'd mix up some baking soda and water in one of those water bottles with the squirt top, and then every few days I'd wash my hair with it. I noticed a few differences in the way my hair behaved: it was a bit more flyaway than usual, and it actually felt less oily; nothing that anybody except me would have noticed.

I went back to using shampoo a couple weeks ago, mostly because store-bought shampoo is easier, and I can find great deals on organics at our local Grocery Outlet. But once in a while, I'll still get the itch to go homemade on my hair, so here are a few simple recipes in case you want to try it too!

Egg and Honey Shampoo:
Mix two egg yolks with some honey. Apply to hair and rinse with cool water.

Castille Shampoo:
Mix one part liquid castille soap with one part water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:
Mix one part apple cider vinegar with five parts water. Apply to ends of hair and rinse after a minute or two.

For deep conditioning: avocado mixed with mayonnaise or coconut milk.

Have you tried going all natural with your hair?
What are your favorite kitchen ingredients for your hair?

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  1. My daughter has such thick hair that we can't get the shampoo to rinse out! Can you email or post the ratios you used for the baking soda?