Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cutting for a Cause

I am not one who gets a haircut on a regular basis. Why, because I am cheap. Yeah, I'll admit it. I actually just paid for my firs hair cut in over four years a few months ago. How do I do it you ask? I donate it. And most of the time, when you donate your hair, you get a free cut to go with it. (Call your salon and ask.) I have donated my hair three times to Locks of Love. It makes real hair wigs for children under the age of 21, suffering with long term hair loss. The majority of them suffer from alopecia. All you need is 10 inches
Me, October 2007, Before the Locks of Love Cut

The first time I donated was right after I graduated high school in 2003. That was the longest donation with 12 inches. I donated again in 2005,then again in 2007. I am about due for another donation. All together I have donated a little over 32 inches. That is almost 3 feet!

So you don't have 10 inches but still want to donate it to a good cause. How about Beautiful Lengths. Your hair goes to make real hair wigs for women fighting cancer. Especially those fighting Breast Cancer. You only need 8 inches of hair for this cause.

So you just want a trim. That is all you can do, well how about this one, Matter of Trust. The hair they receive goes to create booms to collect oil from oil spills, especially the one in the Gulf Coast. All they need is your hair, any length. This is what their website says, "Why should millions of pounds of absorbent, natural, renewable fiber go to waste every day? We shampoo because hair collects oil."

After the Cut, October 2007
10 Inches Baby!
So hey, now you have a reason to get your hair cut or trimmed. There are some good causes out there just looking for your hair. So go, indulge in a trip to your salon and know it is for a good cause.

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