Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Top Five!

We love books at our house and you will find me pouring over and loving a stack of good children's books more often then a classic novel. I guess being a kid at heart keeps me this way and lately with a new little reader in our home I get to indulge myself even more often. 

I personally love to take my kids book shopping!  I'll admit that the covers draw me in very first but it's the content and the message that begs me to buy them.  Although the new ones always become most interesting at first it's the favorites that keep coming back at bedtime.  Even little Sadie has her opinion and somehow we all seem to agree on these five.

 We love Mo Willems and as soon as I saw that he had a pop up book I grabbed it and wrapped it up for Christmas.  This is a cute little story about a frog who is so big that he doesn't even fit in this book.  With the help of his little friends they seem to solve his dilemma. This book is simple and really fun to look at.  Although this one stays up on a high shelf, away from curious destructive fingers, it never gets dusty and forgotten.  This book is going to be loved my my grandkids someday.

"Little Boy" by Alison McGhee and Peter H. Reynolds was a gift from one of our favorite families to Payton on his 3rd birthday.  I remember reading it in the park the day we got it and trying not to cry.  the story is darling and thoughtful with the most descriptive illustrations and simple words. It's a sweet little reminder of how my "little boy reminds me how so much depends on days made of now".

This was a library find with tears the day we needed to return it so I knew that this one needed to be owned by our family. After we brought it home from the book store he plopped himself down on his bed and began to "read" or recite it to me.  I am so glad we bought this book.  Now it reminds me of my Sadie and her little bunny she carts around.  I love watching him read this one to her and telling her that the little girl in this book is you.  Some books are just plain CUTE!

A boy book.  A boy book for a boy who loves dogs and will do anything to get one.  I adore this one for it's illustrations and for the fun of it all.  Imagination is essential and this story helps instill it into the reader plus it makes you want a dog...not a dragon.

And finally "Birthday Fish".  We bought this one before Sadie was born but after we knew she was going to be a girl.  This little girl wants a pony for her fact all she's ever wanted is a pony but instead she gets a gold fish.  The entire book is about her taking her gold fish, whom she named Marigold, back to the lake...but on the way there something happens....dun dun dun!!!  Are you curious?  You should go find this book.  It's another great feel good book with a neat message.

I could add on 50 more awesome books but we'll keep it at 5 for this post. 

Now, I want do some more book shopping so what are some of your favorites?  Where is your favorite book store?  Do you own a specific author's everything?  Now I'm curious. Tell me Tell me...



  1. You should come and read some of these to the preschoolers...only 3 more Thursday's left :)

  2. Have you ever heard of 'Dimity Duck?' It's so cute and really simple. One of Avie's favorite, along with 'Hey! Wake Up' by Sandra Boynton. Her books are all really cute.

  3. I love picture books that include rhythm and are fun to both hear and say.

    Lisa Wheeler (SIXTEEN COWS; BUBBLE GUM, BUBBLE GUM) and Phyllis Root (RATTLETRAP CAR) are pros at this.

  4. What a great post! As a board member of the Manhattan Chapter of the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators), we are constantly trying to give the message that children's books are great literature, no matter the age! And love that you have Dan Yaccarino as part of your top 5. I know him and he really is a great guy, with family values at heart. You should hear him talk about his kids...

  5. PS - The Birthday Fish is actually based on his daughter, and her desire for a big pet. But living in NYC, big pets are rather impractical. This is Yaccarino's creative rendition based on a small portion of his family life. Great stuff!