Friday, May 7, 2010

Tea Time

I have a small collection of tea cups. It was only a few years ago when I started drinking herbal teas, with the encouragement and companionship of my good friend Rachel. To me it seemed sophisticated and grown-up (two things which I wanted to be but did not feel that I was). It was fun to try something new and learn a little bit about tea and the practice of drinking tea. Yesterday, at my daughter's preschool I was invited to a "Mother's Tea." She and I put on our spring dresses, picked out our two favorite tea cups, and together enjoyed the morning with a little "pink tea" (strawberry lemonade) and cupcakes. It was just the right kind of tea party.

Sophie chose this one:

And I chose this one:

While sitting in little chairs and eating little treats, Mrs. R, Sophie's preschool teacher, told us about Afternoon Tea at the Empress Hotel in beautiful Victoria, BC. After hearing her memories of taking her daughter there, I am already dreaming of a special trip for my girls to experience this elegant tradition.

This is a tea cup that belonged to my great grandmother:

This one, and the one that Sophie took to Mother's Tea, are both from China, and that's all I know about them:

It's fun to hold these delicate little cups, look at their intricate designs and wonder about the people who sipped tea from them. Did they sit alone or surrounded by people? Were they in a humble cottage or a majestic palace? Were they sick and drinking peppermint tea to calm a troubled tummy? Or were they like me, trying something new and enjoying the company of good friends? What juicy gossip has been spilled at the lips of these cups? I'll tell you one thing, it's enough to make my imagination wander...

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  1. some day when my chidlren are older I will have a whole wall dedicated to tea cups. Emma broke one of my favorite tea cups last week it was a tradgedy...luckily I love her more than tea cups!