Monday, May 31, 2010

Breaking It Down...Jenni Style

Having a home of my very own is a huge blessing and I am super grateful for it's ability to keep me and my family dry, safe and warm but enjoying it's beauty and charm can only happen if I am keeping up on the mountains of work that go into creating that pleasant cozy atmosphere.  Having a spotless home while taking care of little people and trying to cook meals, teach lessons, be around for a husband, fulfill callings, be there for neighbors, and find some time for myself can be pretty overwhelming sometimes.  After living here for a year now I believe I am beginning to get the hang of being okay with a little mess and learning to use my time better.
I use to be able to clean my entire apartment, top to bottom, in just 3 hours.  Now, I am lucky to get a room done in that time. Especially with kids wanting to be played with and interruptions from the computer.

Tonight I have broken it down for you cute readers.  Here are 3 lists for you to keep on your fridge.Whether you have a minute to do a little something or you have an hour or two, you will be surprised at how little time it can take to keep a semi orderly home.

A minute or less to complete:

Wipe crumbs off the kitchen table 
Water your plants
Empty a few trash cans
Wipe spots off a mirror
Clean a toilet
Sweep off the front porch
Dust a small room
Vacuum a rug
Clean out your kitchen trash can
Put your shoes away
Put a load of laundry in
Make a bed
Put the couch back together
Wipe down the bathroom sink
Open your fridge and remove gross things
Wipe down your counters
Open your blinds
Collect the dirty clothes
Throw out the junk mail
Shake out the welcome mat
Start the dishwasher
Get something on other then your cutest jammies (I add this because sometimes I put this one off)
Clean off a highchair or toddler's chair 

If you have 10-20 minutes you can do something like this:

Clean a bathroom floor
Dust the bookshelves
Wipe the spots on your couch
Unload the dishwasher
Sweep your hard floor surfaces
Clean your microwave
Wash the window above your kitchen sink inside and out
Clean your dripper pans
Get rid of the stuff hanging out in your couch.
Wipe down dining room chairs
Vacuum the stairs
Pick up all the toys
Clean the tub
File your stack of papers that you know you have sitting on your kitchen counter
Load the dishwasher
Go dump all the trash in your car.
Clear off your bathroom counter and wipe down the sink
Fold a load of laundry and put it away

An hour or more:

Spot clean some carpet
Organize a closet
Wash windows inside and out
Organize the pantry
Write up a menu and shoping list for the week
Give your car a nice shine
Weed the front and back yard
Mow the lawn
Deep clean a bedroom
If it's anything like my shower it will take at least an hour
Wipe some walls down
Go through the toy box and put things back together
Clear up everything
Go through everyone's clothing and make a donate pile
Take a bath (that's cleaning right?)

This is obviously not everything that needs to be done around a house but it is a good indication of what you can get done in the time you have.  It may feel choppy and out of order but it keeps me from sitting on the couch and watching something dumb. If I only have a precious 30 minutes to spare I know I have enough time to make the room I am in more enjoyable.  Try it out and let me know how it goes.  Happy cleaning!


  1. AAAAH! Jenni's guide to cleaning house - I have wanted a list like this ever since that famous Cleaning Day ... you know, the one in which your house was the only one we didn't have to clean! :)

  2. Thanks Jenni! Housecleaning is something I struggle with lately since my life is so crazy and something has to give...maybe this will help.

  3. This is such a great idea...I don't have little people, but there are times when I'm overwhelmed with all the things that need to get done in the house and it nice to be able to tackle at least one thing. I think I'll put this on my fridge.