Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's in a Name

Everyone has a name, and even if you don't know it, I am sure it means something. It is a relatives name, family tradition, your parents just liked the name, a past friends name, a good memory of a random person named ____, we all have them. As I was pregnant with my children we were constantly thinking of names.
Cameron's middle name was easy. It is my husbands name. There is a James all the way down his dad's side.

Grandma Zelda and Grandpa Ben at our wedding in 2004

Katelyn's middle name was even pretty easy. It was James Grandmas middle name. I loved her. So thus Katelyn's Middle name is Irene from Zelda Irene. As I look at Katelyn I am seeing Grandma Z's traits come out. Katelyn is stubborn, and man was Grandma stubborn. She is independent, and so was Grandma. Mind you this is my Grandma-in-Law, but she made a large impact on me. I love my own Grandmas too, and she reminds me of my very own Grandma Helen, or Hecken as we like to say, but there was always something about her. I loved her. So we named Katelyn, Katelyn Irene. A month before Katelyn was born, Grandma died suddenly. I don't think the family realizes that we were planing on having her middle name Irene since we knew we were having a girl. It just meant even more when she suddenly passed.

Both my kids first names are names we just liked. James picked Katelyn, I picked Cameron (He was almost a Nathan. That was a name my husband picked too.)

Me and Uncle Carlos at our wedding in 2004

My name is actually a last name of my parents friends, the Cali's. I did not meet them till I was 10 or so maybe. When they moved from Hawaii too Colorado. Carlos and my Dad were in the army in Germany together. I have heard tons of stories. Carlos is hilarious! Judy is so genuine and fun to be around. I was always there favorites growing up, I think it is because I was named after them. We call Carlos, Uncle Carlos, and Judy, Aunt Judy. I love them like family. My middle name is Michelle, and from what I have heard it is a tribute to one of my moms ex-boyfriends Michael. (She did not have boyfriends many since her and my dad are high school sweethearts.) My little brothers middle name is Michael too.

So what does this have to do with pieces of the past you may ask? A name is who you are, it is what you become. So are you living up to your name? Is there even a meaning behind it or is it something your parents liked? Is someone named after you? What are the pieces behind your name? I am very curious. There are some great stories out there. So you tell me, whats in YOUR name?

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  1. Ah, this means so much to me as our son was just born last week, and we named him after my step-dad who passed away a year ago. He was such a good man, and I hope my son can grow up knowing and honoring the name he was given.