Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Chickens

I have a favorite sight or blog I like to look at and, it being Chicken Week over here on Praiseworthy, I immediatly thought of this fun little softy and the neat things she creates over at Molly Chicken

So this morning I let my kids pick out some fabric and we all got to work.  Payton cut out the pattern pieces, I did the assembly and Sadie distroyed our house.  It was obviously a great morning! 

Don't you love this little pocket and the tiny baby chick that hides in the egg.  Reminds me of the thought about a mother protecting her young as she takes them under her wing..or in this case as she pretends to be a kangaroo.  Same dif. right?

 Taking the baby out and putting it back in was my Sadie's favorite part.  I knew it would be.

She now plays peek a boo with it and calls it her little baby

 Payton took his (which has pants of elephants playing croquet on them...awesome I know!) said thanks mom and went right to pretend playing "Monster Chicken...Bigger then all the Universe." 

I'm happy they love them.  Here is the link to the easy tutorial if you want to create some of your own.  If you do, then don't forget to make a comment and link it to a picture! We would love to see what you create.

Happy Chicken Week!


  1. Oh, Charlotte used to say "kitchen" for chicken, too! Chicken was "choonee" ... I do miss that baby speak!

  2. Cute! The little pouch could be a tooth-fairy pillow too. Seth calls chicken "chicken" but he calls kitchen "chicken" too. :-)

  3. Whoops, I meant to say "chicken" for kitchen ... as in, "we're cookin' in the chicken"! I guess that's different from Sadie ... it's all cute anyway, right? :)

  4. I love the little chickens - too cute! Does Chicken Little(finger puppet)fit in the pocket? Dillon used to call the Deacons at church "Chickens" - he'd say "the chickens are passing the sacrament mama" or "there goes the chickens" when they'd return to sit with their families. I'd cry myself to tear almost every time it was so funny! :)