Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Wish I Knew More About Them

When my grandmother passed away, she left photos. and photos. and photos. All of them are priceless treasures, and in most of them the names and faces are familiar and dear. But among my grandmother's photos was a smallish envelope containing images from a side of the family none of us ever knew - my grandfather's. He was my grandma's second husband, and not my dad's dad. But he was the only grandfather I ever knew: at family functions he was quiet and you'd most often find him on the sidelines, but he had tattoos all up and down his arms that spoke of a more colorful past than his demeanor let on. I like to think some of that spunk came from these two women - unknown (except by the handwritten caption below, as "Aunt Sue" and "Aunt Jessie" - but whose aunts?). There are other photos of these two together, but these are my favorites. You can just see how much fun they must have had together, and how much fun they must have been to be around. They were clearly well-loved. Just from these photos of them, I can't help but love them too.


  1. Looks like they liked to have a lot of fun. What about contacting your step grandfather's family and find out. Wouldn't hurt.

  2. What fun photos! I would love to see the rest of them sometime! :)