Friday, April 2, 2010

A Praiseworthy Moment in Time

Just wanted to share a moment that inspired me, and maybe will inspire you too.

We took a page from SouleMama's book today and made a better effort to make dinner time special. Even if it was just pizza and orange juice!

Both of my tablecloths are special to me. Splurges, purchased at a store I can't afford anymore, they remind me of all the good friends we've had around our table in the 7 1/2 years we've been a family. Even if I never iron them anymore.

We have fancy napkin rings, which I do love to use. But these ones are extra special. My daughter and I made them last summer with a sturdy cardboard tube and extra paper from her birthday invitations.

Handmade flowers created by one of my dearest friends. A happy reminder that fresh-cut flowers are just around the corner!

By the way, tonight's spinach and olive pizza was a raging success! Neither of my kids picked off a single topping (they normally pull off everything and just eat bread and sauce). Definitely doing that again!

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