Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dirty, Dirty, Everthing is Dirty!

Well, I apologize to anyone who was excited to join us in writing this week...I hope some of you are planning to take the challenge...I neglected to post anything on Friday, thus also neglecting to put up the link for you! But here it is, late, but nevertheless, here are my thoughts on the topic for the week: DIRTY! (and a link at the bottom so we can hear your thoughts too!)

I feel like everything in my house is dirty right now. The sun has finally made a welcomed appearance and lingered long enough for me to see just how dirty my windows are. Yikes! Friday was my daughter's birthday--which was filled with parties and friends and tons of fun! But the best part of the day for me was at the very end, when a few of my girlfriends (all of whom you know from this lovely little blog) stayed late at my house to help me clean up. They picked up toys and trash and wiped down counters and did all my dishes! Could a girl ask for better friends? I think not!

However, my Spring cleaning (which feels months overdue), will begin this week and will not be complete until my carpets are clean! Take a look:

(Yuck, I feel bad posting such an eye-sore for you to look at!)

I'm not sure what it is, but the last few weeks seem to have been dedicated to the destruction of my creamy white carpets . Every time I turn around there is a new stain, and I'm starting to get sick just looking at them. I am sure their poor condition has to do with how lenient I am with wearing shoes and eating in carpeted areas of the house. But really, homes filled with children should not have creamy white carpet, agreed?

So, any advise on tired and true carpet cleaning is much appreciated. I can only bear to look at these stains a few more days before I must take action!

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