Monday, May 9, 2011

The Date Box

Weekends are THE greatest part of the week!  They just are.  I don't think anybody would argue with me on that!  Not anybody in the world...or maybe the United States.  Anyway...Fridays and Saturdays are always packed at our house but it's all fun family stuff.

Unless, of course, it's Friday night.  That's date night!

For Christmas this last year I put on the Santa hat and for my husband  I created a date box.  It included a year's worth of dates for every Friday night.  So this year - Fridays became our official date night.  This is our box.  It's the most fun box in our house. 

The idea: take an awesome box (I used a quilted jewelry box from TJ Maxx) or a cardboard box (your choice) and fill it with fun creative date night ideas for you and your honey.  For us I decided that every month we would have a temple night, usually a movie night, and two other fun activities for us to take part in. Sometimes we do this on our own. Sometimes with friends. I even have a few date nights scheduled in for girls and guys nights. It's all written in our date book.  There are tickets for our temple night,coupons for him to make his choice (just 4 times), tickets for back scratches, breakfasts in bed and for special treats. I even left him a space to sparkle up (which just happens to be a spot for jewelry).  I'm sneaky huh?

Here is a glance at our May adventures.:

The rest of the box is filled with envelopes containing gift cards, special instructions and other fun little surprises. 

Here is a list of some of the things we have done and what we will still get to do this year with links to the creative blog where I found some of the fun ideas:

There are a bucket load of good ideas out there.  In fact I may just do this every year.  Never mind...I may have him do it next year.  I do believe though that even after you are married and especially after you have children you should act like you're still dating...only better  You may think you know everything about your special friend but I bet if you did some of these things you'll find out some pretty great things about them.

I love new ideas and fun suggestions so bring 'em on! You know you've got some favorites!



  1. What fun suggestions! Thanks for the date ideas!

  2. I love the idea of a date box. Thanks for sharing Jenni. This is awesome!

  3. I wanted to let you to know I'm going to feature this on my craft blog this week :)

  4. Love love love this idea....think I will make one for anniversary in july...thanks for such a great idea!!!!!!

  5. Mini Golf
    Picnic w/ Board Games
    Dessert Only Date
    Poker Night
    Restaurant Hop (appetizer @ one, dinner @ another, and finally dessert at the last!)
    Popcorn & A Chick Flick
    Bar Date - Pool
    Video Game Date
    Star (Aliens for Jason) Gazing
    No T.V. - Board Games / Cards
    Living room Camp Out
    Movie & Popcorn In Bed
    Drive In & Take Out
    Library Date
    $5 Antique Shopping (See who can get the best deal for $5!)
    Candlelit Dinner
    Bubble Bath For 2
    Massages & Movie
    Park Swinging Date
    Random Address Date (I'll text him an address that he can put in the Garmin and needs to meet me's a surprise until he gets there!)
    Movie Day Marathon (BED ALL DAY!
    Late Night Sidewalk Chalk
    Arcade Date

    Working on a blog post for my "Date Night Jar"...still a work in progress because I'm waiting for my other half to finish his "date sticks" that are pulled out of the jar to determine what spontaneous date we will do. I've been waiting a LOOOOOONG time, but I'll let you know when it's done and give you a link to it. Until then, here is a list of my dates :)