Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Superbowl

I have a love affair with the Superbowl. Okay, I know it sounds odd, but I do. There is one huge reason for it though. I met my husband at a Superbowl party. So thus, the Superbowl is celebrated in my home every year. It is usually just us, but some day it will be a huge party. Like when church is not at 1:00. Anyways do you want the story behind it? I am sure you do, so here it is.
Seven years ago due to the Super Bowl James and I met. Our friend Jeremy was throwing a Super Bowl party and we both ended up there. I was apprehensive about going due to the fact that it was a co-ed over nighter. But I was assured it would be chaperoned by his parents and the boys were sleeping upstairs while the girls were downstairs. I was still apprehensive, but my roommates were fighting again, (they always fought) and the spirit kept telling me to go. Well obviously James is the reason why I was supposed to go.

Jocelyn and I went up early Saturday with Jeremy and hung out and James got there later. I had my eye on him from the start, but nothing happened till Sunday.

It was Fast Sunday, and we all bore our testimonies that day in church. It was interesting, a bunch of kids from BYU-Idaho taking over his home wards testimony meeting, but they all really seemed to enjoy it, and that was one of the best experiences to be a part of. We then went back to Jeremy's house after church.

Matt had a flat tire, and I volunteered to help change it. All the guys were pretty impressed, and that then got all the girls annoyed with me and then Matt because all the other girls were out there too. I left. He could not get the lug nuts off and I was done with all the girls. So I went off to hang out with the animals. Jeremy's parents had some Donkeys or Mules. I can't remember which. So I hung out with them for a while while waiting for the game to start. That is when James made his move and came out to figure out who I was. We talked, hung out then went to watch the game.

To tell you the truth I do not remember who played or won. I know it was the Janet Jackson Super Bowl though. (I did not see the halftime show due to being on the phone with my parents, thank goodness!) I actually did not pay attention to much of the Super Bowl because James and I were flirting with each other the whole time, and from then on it is history.
(I am just glad we did not die on the way back to Rexburg that night thanks to Dan's crazy driving mixed with bald tires, mixed with ice! Then there would be no history!)

That semester then involved me chasing him, and winning his heart with goodies, and his roommates sure loved me too. There were cookies, (Jocelyn, I will always have fond memories of that night!) cheese cakes, regular cakes, more cookies, etc. I enjoyed myself, and I am sure James did too, although one plate of cookies was ate by his roommates before he could enjoy them.
Stewart, Dan, Chris, and Brady (Jame's Roommates) became great friends that semester. Due to my roommates not being able to get along with each other, I stayed far away. Whether it was at James or Jeremy's apartments. There were actually a lot of people involved. What a fun semester it was.

I loved dating James. We never did anything expensive. We were both pretty cheep and will still admit that we still are, but there is nothing wrong with that. We went to the the dollar theater on Tuesdays when it was cheaper, we would go to the grocery store together, go to James' dance labs, we went on a lot of walks, orchestra concerts, fine arts performances, plays, many Comic Frenzy performances, and just hung out. It was great. I am proud to say that I was James' first kiss. It took us both two months to work up the courage to do that. He was only my 2nd kiss. We were then engaged two months later at the end of May. We actually got engaged the night of Ben's (his younger brother) graduation from high school. Then 3 months later in August we were married. Yes, some people think that is fast, but when it is right, it is right. Why make such a good thing wait.
Oh how I love being married to the man of my dreams! And oh how I love the Superbowl because of it!

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