Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grocery Day

Tuesdays are typically my grocery shopping days. If you have been following the blog for a while you probably have noticed that I am pretty frugal. I cut coupons, take advantage of free days and activities, shop sales, etc.

So why do I shop on Tuesdays you ask?

Tuesdays are the last day to use last weeks adds. Sometimes if I know that something is going to sale out or a coupon will expire, I will go earlier, but Tuesdays are the best days for the deals.

I also receive my Red Plum Mailer on Tuesday. It is the one with next weeks grocery ads. Then I can compare prices and see if there is a better sale.

I also like shopping on Tuesdays because I can wait and see what the new coupons will look like on Sunday as well.

So that is typically why I do the grocery shopping on Tuesdays. Then I also know I am not shopping multiple days in a week for groceries. I try to hit them all at once. (Aside from Fred Meyer, their ads run till Saturdays.)

When do you do your grocery shopping trips. Any tips?

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  1. I do my grocery shopping on Fridays. Oldest child is in preschool, so just me and the youngest - much easier with one! I also use coupons, and have found Friday to be a good day because the shelves are restocked with coupon items, after the initial rush of Wed/Thursday. My schedule will change over the summer and then when preschool resumes again. . . maybe I'll try Tuesday soon!