Monday, February 14, 2011

The real reason I love this day.

Contrary to what some believe this holiday to be about (greeting card company scams and forced signs of love or even single awareness day) I believe it to be more.  Yes we should be showing our love for those we care about every day but how great is it to have a single day where everyone has the chance to fall back in love with those they adore.    Who doesn't love a special day where you get a hundred more kisses and so many more I love yous.  For our family it is a favorite.

Mom get's up early to decorate the dining room and makes breakfast.

Dad, P and S sneak down to find and add treasures.

We make valentine deliveries...

to school...

and to our friends who we get to join for a party.

One special friend of Payton's even came to heart attack his room.

He was thrilled and may be the youngest on earth to have gotten this high school ritual done on Valentine's Day.

After much needed naps and some more valentine creating we are off to have dinner as a family and then going to meet miss Sophie and fam. for frozen yogurt and a special singing telegram. 

Finally we'll end our day...just the two of us with a yummy dessert and a movie.

Best day ever right?  Come on...if you are draggin' your feet or trying to avoid this day then jump up and do something special and fun for somebody you love.  I promise it will feel great and you might even think back on it as a "mmoment."


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  1. Great post! I agree, any day to show some extra love is good. Could we see some more close-up shots of the banner in those first few pictures? I love it and desperately want to copy it! :-)