Thursday, February 3, 2011

1 Hour or Less Valentine Wreath

Yeah, that is right, one hour or less, and it only cost about 3 dollars! Less if you recycle some old fabric scraps, an old towel, etc.
Here are the instructions. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I started taking them and missed cutting and pinning. Oops, but you'll get the idea. (I hope.)

1 wreath form ($1 at the Dollar Store)
4-6 felt squares (4/$1.00 at Joannes)
Pins (I already had some, although some heart ones would be cute in this too)
small cup

Trace circles onto your felt.
One square gets you about 24 squares

Stack your felt about 3 thick and cut them out.

Pin them to your wreath. Pushing up the circles as you go along so it is not flat.

Tie a ribbon on.
Hang on your door, or where ever else you want to.

And there you have it, a $3.oo/ 1 hr wreath!


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