Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Real Reason My Kids Have Quiet Time

Yup, that is what it is right now. Quiet time. Oh how I love quiet time. A time for me to finally write my blog post which I forgot about, and take care of the other things I need to to or have been working on. (The office is a mess thanks to the latest project of sorting clothes and the closet.)

Quiet time is for me more then my kids. I am able to clean up or work on a project with out them getting into it. I am able to sit on the couch and eat a snack while watching "Lets make a deal" or "Ellen" without them asking me questions. It is a time for me. My husband gets a break at work for lunch, so why not me too.

And lets face it, sometimes our kids need a break from us. It is a time for my daughter to "Do whatever she wants" in her room. She said that yesterday. "I can do whatever I want during quiet time mom." In regards to my 4 year old licking the window. Gross! But hey, it is her free time as well. Yes I check on her occasionally, but she is able to read, play, chill out with out her brother bugging her or me bugging her.

It is good for all of us.

So what do you during quiet time. Do you have a quiet time? If not, what do you do for some down time for yourself?
Now off to work on my office, or eat a cookie and watch the end of "Lets Make a Deal."

Enjoy your quiet time!


  1. I love it when other moms say things I feel but think that no one else feels. :-) My girls still nap in the afternoon (usually), and those minutes are sacrosanct. I NEED them. I agree: if our husbands get lunch breaks, we definitely need quiet time!

  2. amen! we are very diligent about quiet time around here. thank heavens that my 3-year-old is finally having a good long quiet play time these days. This mama definitely needs an hour or so to regroup before that wild 4- 7 p.m. shift. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE QUIET TIME!!!