Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The real reason I love the rain

It's a good thing the rain suits me, since around these parts we get, on average, about 50 inches of rainfall and 154 days of precipitation every year.

I'd be lying if I said there weren't days when I'm not quite as fond of it, like when it's supposed to be summer and it's 55 degrees for a high and you're standing underneath your friends' covered porch watching the fireworks because it's pouring and you're drinking hot chocolate on the 4th of JULY.

But, apart from that, there are definite bonuses to living in the land of rain.

*My skin is soft and doesn't get the dry winter "itchies."

*The brown sugar doesn't ever get hard in the pantry.

*The grass stays green all year round.

*The air smells clean and fresh.

*It's perfect crockpot dinner weather.

*It's also perfect bread/cookie/treat baking weather.

*The sound of rain falling is therapeutic and relaxing.

*Lazy rainy days. I don't really know what the "lazy days of summer" are because it always seems like summertime means yard work, packing for camping trips, picnicking and playing outside, all good things, but I hardly feel lazy.

*Not having sewing guilt because I'm not taking advantage of the sunshine.

*Free irrigation! Two years ago, our vegetable garden thrived, and we didn't water it with the hose even one time.

*But let's face it, the REAL reason I love the rain is:

Who can resist kids in hooded rain jackets and rubber boots? Not me!

What do you love about the rain?


  1. I love the food, too, like you mentioned. But I also love the clothes that go with our wet weather. I am so much more comfy in jeans, boots, and sweatshirts, than in sweaty, barely modest summer clothes. Not my fave.