Saturday, October 16, 2010

So Many Favorites...

I love birthdays!
I find so many of my favorite things all come together when celebrating a birthday...

Birthdays mean taking time to think about one person and everything wonderful about them.
 (Do you recognize this birthday girl? She is smiling because she is lighting a few too few candles on her very own lemon cake.)

Birthdays mean gifts--the receiving and giving are both a rewarding experience. Whether you make something or buy something, as the giver you get to spend time thinking about that person and find a way to bring them a little bit of joy. As the receiver of a gift, you get to feel the love and appreciation of others--and you get a bunch of new stuff!

 (I have made this little gift a few times...because it's my favorite!...and it is so much fun to think about each person as I choose the colors and fabrics and stitch it all together. You can find the tutorial at comfortstitching.)

Birthdays mean parties--you get to spend time with people you enjoy doing things you enjoy.

You get to eat your favorite foods...

...dress-up..., relax, indulge, laugh, dance, and simply have a good time! 

I usually get carried away in the planning of a party, inviting half the city and sewing party favors for everyone. But, in the end, even if I don't get all the loose ends pulled together, everyone has fun and enjoys spending time making memories together. And that is at the top of my list of favorites.


  1. That gift is so cute Cort! My birthday is April 20 just so you know...I remember you making me some cards on a few birthdays in college. :)

  2. Oh how I miss you girls! I didn't have that photo from your birthday of all of us...I love it!

  3. Birth is the beginning of life. Birthdays should be a day when we remember that. I was born again on April 30th, 2010. I was in an accident on April 29th that ended my old life; I remember very little about it. I look forward to April 30th 2011 because I will have a new year of memories to celebrate. It will be a Happy first birthday!