Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Raindrops on roses? Or maybe whiskers on kittens?

Oh, I am so fickle sometimes! It's because Scorpio is a water sign, or something, I'm sure. Favorites come and go around here all the time, it seems. Some extra special things stand the test of time for me, though, and I hold onto them dearly. Here are a few. And where there are links, go on and check them out - maybe you'll find a new favorite, too!

The gray wool scarf I bought in Prague that one October.

The hymn, "Our Father, By Whose Name"
I especially love the second parts of each verse:
1 - "Bless thou all parents, guarding well,
with constant love as sentinel, the homes in which Thy people dwell."
2 - "Our children bless in every place,
that they my all behold Thy face, and, knowing Thee may grow in grace."
3 - "In all our hearts such love increase,
that every home, by this release, may be the dwelling place of peace."
If hymns are prayers, this hymn is my prayer every day.

Vanilla ice cream. Yes, I said vanilla.

Caramel rooibos tea.

Curling up under a blanket with a good book and some mulled apple cider when it's freezing outside; and lounging on a blanket with a good book and some lemonade when it's hot.

This recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

Listening to The Writer's Almanac on the radio. Oh! and also Selected Shorts and The Play's the Thing. The latter two are best listened to while doing some late-night baking.

Cemeteries. Especially old ones. I promise it's not morbid or creepy! I just love reflecting on people's lives, and seeing how people care for their memories after they're gone. There's so much beauty in that to me.

Finding a way to work some orange into every room in my house. While I wouldn't say it's my favorite color per se, orange is so comfortable and friendly.

Peonies in the spring and dahlias in the fall.

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