Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harvest Time!

I love this time of year. The air is crisp and the smell is delicious. There is just something about fall in the air. I love harvest time and all that comes with it. I love Halloween, but I love the Harvest aspect of the season more. The fact that you can leave the harvest decorations up till Thanksgiving makes it even better. As I have been browsing the Internet looking for ideas, I was having trouble. I know, all the ideas in the world, but either too much to look, an unpleasant format, just not my style, or just too much to look at. Needless to say, I ended up with Martha Stewart as all of my inspiration for this post. And really, I was surprised at how easy some of her ideas looked. I am only saying some, because in the typical Martha fashion, most are way over my head in crafting abilities, but I really liked looking at them. Here is her Fall Harvest Decorations picture gallery. Some look a little to crazy for me, and I did not read the directions on any of them yet, but if they are complicated, I am sure there is an easy way to do it. We are not all Martha Stewart after all. I consider myself more of a Macgyver when it comes to crafting. I like to figure out ways to do things when I have no clue what materials they are called for, substituting materials for ones I know of, and using what I have. Although sometimes that takes way longer then it should. Anyways, enough of my traditional blog ramblings, here are some pictures. Fill your outdoor planter boxes with small gourds, husks and fall things.
I think I can do that. Gourd Garland, that looks doable too, and super cute. Hmm, I have a drill, and maybe some rope, now just to find some small gourds.
A corn husk wreath. Super pretty and classic, but it looks a little difficult. I am not sure I could find an easy way to do that, but I love the look. A pine cone lamp finial, that looks easy. I know where to find pine cones too. What a simple way to decorate. If only I had more lamps. (I just learned thanks to Martha that the top of a lamp is a Finial, see, you learn something new everyday!)

This could be one of my favorites, fall garland made with Indian corn. So pretty. I may just have to try this one. I think I will have to read the directions though.

I do have a crafting dilemma though, and I am soliciting your help. I bought some Halloween fabric intending on making some buntings, and I am not sure I want to do that anymore. I have yet to find any ideas I like on what to do. Jen's table runner looked great, but I am not sure my fabric will work. Any ideas on what to do? Just curious. Hey, and if I like your idea, I will make it and post a picture with your name. You will get full creative credit for it. It could almost be like you made it. Seriously, send me some ideas!

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  1. You should make toilet paper roll pumpkins. They look super easy and your kids could help.