Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love! Love! Love this time of year!

 It's finally October and Fall has graced us with bright colored leaves and crisp cool air.  Just Saturday I was telling some friends that it just has not hit me know...the mood.  The feelings you can't seem to resist when it comes to baking all things pumpkin and stocking up on as much cinnamon and hot chocolate the stores have to offer.  Yesterday as I was listening to conference I finally got the bug and now it's all I can think of. 

This morning I spent some time online again searching and rediscovering some fun Halloween and fall decor ideas.  Here are a few I am going to incorporate into my last year's home and into my "feels like fall" lifestyle now.

I am in love with white pumpkins...all of mine are going to be white I think.  Maybe with black stars and words like this painted on them.

There is a tutorial for this when you click on image.  Wouldn't this be pretty hanging above a Thanskgiving dinner?

 Can't find the source but isn't this pie beautiful and fairly easy to duplicate?

As soon as I get a mantle or maybe something like this in an my entry way with a pretty white chest at the end of my hallway...hmmm.  I love the wreath and the big silver mirror.  I'm in to silver right now.  Can't seem to get my hands on anything but I'm digging it.

Super excited to try this recipe only with more good vanilla instead of rum of course.

Have I mentioned that I love doilies?

 image huh?

I could go on for forever but I won't.  Send me links to what you find.  I love this stuff.  I eat it up!  I mean look at that baby broom place card...who wouldn't love that as a take home memory?

Enjoy this season.  Go make the most of it.



  1. My favorite time of the year! It's 'cause we were born in the fall, baby! Such fun ideas!

  2. I'm diggin' on those white pumpkins! That would be really fun! I found this link: and want to make these cupcakes! (will probably not make them Mickey Mummy's though!). I've been itchin' to break out my few fall decorations!