Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Secret Weapon for Costumes

Jenni mentioned her little hero "Under Wonder." Well, for completely different reasons, my secret weapon hero when making costumes is a little thing called Wonder Under (made by Pellon), otherwise known as Steam-a-Seam, otherwise known as Heat n' Bond. I'm sure there are other names for this awesome heat-activated material that turns shapes and letters into custom stickers!
Two years ago, I made a NASCAR Halloween costume for my boy, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without this stuff.

It was more difficult than I thought it would be to find a pattern to make a zip-up jumpsuit. But then again, it's not 1976, so what kid wears these anymore? Enter Ebay. I found this vintage pattern, and View C looked like it would be perfect.

It's funny to see how older patterns are written. Good thing I've put in a zipper before, because the complete explanation of this step in the pattern just said "put in the zipper."

Anyway, I got some black stretch cotton and added some red piping around the sleeves and down the sides. I printed out a bunch of logos (LEGO, Matchbox, McDonalds, Hotwheels and Tonka), traced them onto Wonder Under, and ironed them on to the jumpsuit.

I learned two things: 1) small shapes have a little difficulty staying on, and 2) it's possible to iron too much. After repeatedly ironing them on (just to make sure they were good and stuck on), the adhesive kind of dissolved or something and the shapes didn't really stick at all. I went back and zig-zagged around the edges with invisible monofilament thread.

I made the kids' trick-or-treat bags out of dish towels and a Frankenstein and a Jack-o-lantern stuck on with, you guessed it, Wonder Under.

This year's costumes don't lend themselves so well to using Wonder Under:

a little of this:

and one of these, as soon as I find time to make it (too cheap to pay 10 bucks at the party store!):

So, if you haven't made anything using this stuff, whatever you call it, try's easy, fun, and the possiblities are only limited by your imagination!

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