Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tree Ornament Tutuorial

Materials You Will Need

Main fabric for front and back of tree

Heavy weight fusible interfacing

Quilt Batting

Favorite fabric scraps

Assorted ribbon pieces


Any other embellishment you like

Start by drawing a simple tree shape on your interfacing and then cut it out.

Use it to trace your tree shape onto your main fabric...

and then onto your batting.

Cut out all your pieces

If you want to take it easy on your machine later cut your interfacing out just a little bit smaller to allow for a seam.

You should have 2 fabric, 1 batting and 1 fusible interfacing piece.

Next, iron your fusible interfacing to the inside back of the tree and set aside.

This is the fun part! Lay out the design of your ornament onto the front piece of your tree. I like to use "stitch witchery" so that my pieces don't slide around under my sewing foot. I also tried it without though and it works just fine.

Leaving your ribbon and fabric bits long, stitch them to your tree front.

Trim around tree and sew on any buttons now or add your embellishments. I have used brads and cute little safety pins. Have fun with this part. If you scrapbook like I do you'll have some fun things just begging to be added. Just remember you will be sewing around this so don't put anything to close to the edge.

Next, make a tree sandwich. Bottom piece with interfacing, then batting and then decorated front piece. Pin together. Again you will be sewing around this so stir clear of the edge with your pin.

Sew around entire tree.
The best part of this project is there is no turning right side out. Raw edges on this is what makes it so cute and artsy.

Trim excess fabric or batting if you like and add a ribbon or embroidery floss to hang your ornament.

This is an easy and quick little project so I went a head and made a bunch assembly line style. This is great for using up those itty bitty ribbon pieces that you just couldn't part with. I think this whole project minus the main fabric was done with scraps. There is something really satisfying about using every last bit.

You're done! Hang it up somewhere fun or give it away as a gift. These would make cute present toppers too.

If you make these be sure to let me know how they turn out. Have fun and enjoy making something pretty!


  1. You are amazing girl!!! I love mine - sorry I had to steal it to get it :) ha ha

  2. Look at you sew!
    Sew cute! (that was a pun)
    love you.

    Tyoping ib one-hdanded stinks!