Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hey Mr. DJ

Rachel, the Rachel from the blog, is great. She finds the best music. I actually stole this blog title from a post on her personal blog from a while ago. In her post, she listed some of her favorite children's music. The difference between her and I, is at our house, we listen to The Wiggles, and the typical ones, along with a few lesser known groups; But Rachel, she listens to way cooler stuff, along with some of the more known ones, but it is for adults as well. So inspired by her, I will give you a list of my favorites, not my kids favorites, but mine. They like them too, but my three year old is totally into the Disney Princesses right now and I am so sick of that CD.

Some Rachel helped me discover were,
They Might be Giants: Here Come the 123's; Here Come the ABC's; and No

For the Kids, Various Artists: (one of my very favorites) It has Cake in it, and there is no parental advisory. Awesome CD. 5 stars here.

And some I have found since I was inspired to look were,

The Barenaked Ladies: Snack Time (There is tons hidden in the lyrics for parents)

Jewel: Lullaby

Dan Zanes and Friends: Catch that Train; All Around the Kitchen

The Terrible Two's: If You Ever See an Owl; Jerzy the Giant
So if you are sick of the Wiggles, Barney, etc. take a try on these. They are pretty fun. And thanks Rachel for the inspiration.

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