Sunday, December 27, 2009


I bought this fabric probably about three years ago with the plan of making a tree skirt. Other projects took priority, however, and here it is, still just the way I bought it--minus a few square inches that I cut out to use on my daughter's stocking.

So now I find myself the week after Christmas, and the inspiration has come! I am ready to work on all the unfinished projects that are waiting on my tables and shelves and stored away in boxes. The first project for completion is this tree skirt...the stars are just calling to me! It will be so satisfying to pull it out next year.

Here is my goal--finish all incomplete projects, hopefully one a week, before beginning any new ones. I'm also thinking that I should start early on things I'd like to do for Christmas next year--like plan out one project each month to accomplish for my holiday preparations. It will be the Twelve Months of Christmas, instead of the twelve days of Christmas. What do you think? Too ambitious? These are just two of the many (probably too many) goals I am setting for the new year. What are some of yours?

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  1. For 2010 I have many goals and hopes but I will focus on three things and hopefully I will come out of 2010 a better woman, mother, wife, and daughter of God. My 3 things are...
    1.Be Physically fit
    2.Be Spiritually fed
    3.Be Happy
    There are many little goals within each of those but I think keeping it broad allows for more success and less failure/frustration. :)

    By the way I love this blog it is a way I get to keep a piece of all of you wonderful women with me in San Diego.