Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stars Were Gleaming

Stars were gleaming, Shepard's dreaming; And the night was dark and chill.
Angels' story rang with glory; Shepard's heard it on the hill.
Ah that singing! Hear it ringing, earthward winging, Christmas bringing!
Hearken! We can hear it still.

See the clearness and the nearness, of the blessed Christmas star,
Leading, guiding; Wise Men riding, through the desert dark and far.
Lovely showing, shining, glowing, inward going, gleaming, glowing,
Leading still our Christmas star.

Nancy Byrd Turner (b. 1880)
Polish Carrol

My three year old girl has been singing this song for the last month. She seems to have a love for songs with stars. She loves Twinkle Twinkle. This song though has been her choice. What a great reminder of the real reason of Christmas.

This week, we celebrate the birth of a little baby boy. A boy who would one day give up his life for us. In a nation where people are trying to erase any mention of Christ, it is this season when it is extremely evident, that he can not be erased. He is real. He was born for us. What a wonderful gift we have been given.

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