Sunday, December 20, 2009

The First Kiss

Mistletoe. Yup! I really like that word. It makes me smile and get all "pink cheeked" when I think about it. For me it created one of the most romantic nights of my life. I know that sounds completely cheesy and well, it sorta was just that. It was cheesy and silly and sweet and really fun! I put this memory down on paper a while back in a sort of special journal for my husband along with the exact mistletoe involved. It was a gift I gave him one Valentine's day. Here is a little snippet of how it went down:
Oh wait! First though we must set the mood: My apartment in a small, snowy, cold, college town. Lots of people over to exchange gifts. Hot chocolate and the movie White Christmas. Mark and I had been dating for two months about. There that should do it.
Anyway...everyone had started to trickle out of the place just as the movie began to play. I think this may have been a planned thing set up by my roommates. The only two people left, coincidentally, were Mark (the kisser...okay fine! I won't say it anymore) and me. Oh, and by the way, I tried really hard to look super cute that night! Are you picturing it? Cheesy huh?
Here is what I wrote: Oh baby...the effect of mistletoe and the beautiful excuse it creates for two people who are just shy enough to sit back and wait for the other to advance finally get a kiss. Somehow I just knew (or had set it up perfectly) that this would be the night. My small cozy living room was dimmed and perfect with just the glow of my perfectly shaped small Christmas tree. It felt really romantic as the music from White Christmas played faintly in the background. The show had ended (I don't remember watching any of it) and as the credits began to roll Mark rose to leave.
Oh man! He was leaving and nothing had happened.
But then, as he did, he took my hand in his, spun me in a circle and we began to dance in a cute sort of silly way. He then very confidently looked up and then pointed for me to do the same. I knew perfectly well what was right above our heads (uh...cuz I put it there hoping this would happen) but I played a long and acted all surprised and embarrassed. The HE KISSED ME...for the first time! A small, cute kiss was all it was and I think I stopped breathing.
Finally! The mistletoe must have given him special courage powers.

He said goodnight and smiled, which made his eyes wrinkle in the corners and his cheeks turn a bright pink. I blushed too and just smiled back. I loved his cute face.
Thank you perfectly placed mistletoe! White Christmas and mistletoe still make my cheeks turn pink! Does you have a cute mistletoe story?

*Ha Ha! I forgot! If you get a chance you should ask Mark (the kisser) about his Christmas tree that year. That is a pretty funny story.
Have a really special Christmas!


  1. Lucky Mark. Lucky You. I hope you still get twitter-pated.

  2. The minute I saw the title I knew that it was going to be by you. I love it! What a cute story.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!